What Makes A Good Youth Group?

Currently the Youth Group is under construction

Bible Study? Discipleship? Music? Relationships that last a lifetime? Fun? Games?


Covenant's Youth believe that we are called to live the gospel and share the gospel through all of the above. Spiritual growth doesn't always occur in a classroom, though the Holy Spirit can definitely use that! We truly do believe that the Holy Spirit grows us spiritually in all areas of life; in everything we do.  We can grow through playing a football game, knowing that it is God who gave us the ability to play. We play for His glory. We can grow through enjoying company of one another. He blesses us with friendships and brothers and sisters in Him that we can share our lives and faith with.

In all areas of life, we thank Him, and praise Him, for how much He loves us, and gives us the opportunity to glorify Him in all we do.


If you would like more information, you may contact the church office.